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DiabetesSisters’ Weekend For Women


The Diabetes UnConference

Together in one place!

Two celebrated conferences sharing the fun and friendship of the diabetes community together! You’ll be able to choose your specialized tracks based on your registration, but we’ll all be together for certain blockbuster sessions throughout the weekend (and the social events!).


October 13 – 15, 2017Register Now

Why should you register for The Diabetes UnConference? 

If you are a person with diabetes, you live with this disease 8,760 hours each year.

1398764_97627202How many hours are spent with your medical team talking about your diabetes?

1003409_50820049One hour? Two hours?

Those precious hours talking with your medical professionals are usually not spent asking about how to deal with the perceived social stigma, disclosing your diabetes to your colleagues or dates, fears about complications, or dealing with everyday life.

Your appointments talk about the numbers in your life (lab results, blood glucose results, medication changes) and you’re left to muddle through on your own.

You may get support elsewhere: the Diabetes Online Community and all the wonderful resources found online, local support groups, but there has never been a multi-day conference where you can talk about anything and everything related to your life with diabetes.

No keynotes. No multiple tracks where you have to make a choice between sessions. Just your peers – those who live with diabetes every day like you – talking about the things that matters most to you that you can’t talk about with your medical team or those who don’t have diabetes.

We create the agenda. We decide what’s important. All of us participate. All of us learn. All of us become confidantes and compatriots.

That’s why The Diabetes UnConference was created.

Why should People Who Love Us register for The Diabetes UnConference? 

Diabetes impacts relationships with the people who love us. Friends, family, siblings, parents, spouses, significant others… it’s important that you have access to the same peer-to-peer support that The Diabetes UnConference provides to people with diabetes.

You’ll have a safe, protected environment to ask questions and get answers and validation from people just like you. No judgment, just support.


Why should Women with Diabetes register for Weekend For Women?

The goal of the event is to educate, inspire and transform women’s views of diabetes so they can live full, happy lives with the disease. Since the first Conference in May 2010, the event has become the premier forum for women with diabetes, providing peer support and education with topics including new technology, travel tips, pregnancy, exercise, and many, many more. All women with diabetes (pre-diabetes, type 1, type 2, LADA, gestational) are invited to attend.

Why should Partners of Women with Diabetes register for Weekend For Women?

DiabetesSisters also offers a program for partners of women with diabetes: the Partner’s Perspective Program. Held in conjunction with the Weekend for Women Conference, partners will have the opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field on how to better support women with diabetes. Topics include information on types of diabetes, glycemic index, and the emotional aspect of diabetes.



October 13 – 15, 2017Register Now